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Nullamunjie Fresh-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - June 2021 Harvest 500mL


Small batch available exclusively in Hong Kong - only on Wellness Journey.

Awarded Gold Medal for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Victoria at the 2018 Australian International Olive Awards.

The Importance Of A Harvest Date:

  • Unbeknownst to many consumers today, most olive oils on supermarket shelves only show a best before date rather than a harvest date. 
  • Harvest dates are often omitted because manufacturers do not want consumers to think that the olive oil is getting old or turn rancid. 
  • Unlike wines that taste better with time, olive oils are best appreciated as soon as possible to the harvest date. 

From the Mountains of Eastern Victoria in Australia, Wellness Journey has partnered with Nullamunjie to bring you freshly pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the June 2021 Harvest. 

The taste of the season's latest harvest of fresh olive oil is unparalleled to offerings available on grocery store shelves. Contrary to most olive oils on your local grocery or supermarket shelves, Nullamunjie's Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides a harvest date so that consumers can enjoy the olive oil at its freshest.  

A true single estate olive oil, Nullamunjie grows, presses, and bottles the olive oil on their estate within 2-4 hours of the olives being harvested from the tree. A robustly fruity oil, Nullamunjie's Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the complexity of flavours, as well as a beautifully peppery herbaceous aroma. From cooking to drizzling and dipping, transform your culinary dishes and dining experience with the delicious flavours of Nullamunjie's Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Product Details

  • Ideally consumed within 18 months to two years from when the olives are harvested. 
  • Classified as extra virgin olive oil with acidity levels never exceeding 0.2%. 
  • No artificial chemical fertilisers or pesticides used to maintain the olive trees. 



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